June 2016

June 2016


Halloween...an unveiling of true identity...

We've always known we had a Lady Bug in the family...

and Savannah has always been the Sheriff in town keeping even her father in line.
Devin turned into a Turtle after his accident in July...
and Trevor's costume was unveiled very last minute... some are just "too cool" for Halloween Festiveness. I chose my costume as Greek Goddess...the kids thought it would be funny to call me a "white sheet". Have I not earned a little respect after 17 years of selfless giving as their Mother???


October 2010

Devin started his physical therapy. Snap... crackle... pop...is what his body is saying! He is happy to be free of the "turtle shell" and has started driving again. After breaking his back in July and realizing his water polo season would be shot...Devin decided to try out for the fall play, "Noises Off". There are only 9 cast member in the whole play and he's one of them! It is a cast of all Seniors except of course himself, the only Junior in the cast. They perform November 19, 20, 21.

Trevor's freshman football team is having a great year. They are currently 5-1 and with 62 boys on the team roster he is learning how to fight for his possession on the team. The results from his weight lifting class this year are showing as we watch his shoulders broaden and his muscles thicken. He has such a good attitude about waking up every morning for seminary and looks forward to Tuesday morning breakfast at Panera with seminary friends.

Natalie is really enjoying her advanced art class this year and has decided to be a lady bug for Halloween. 7th grade is agreeing with her as she grows and develops as a person a little more each day. She has taken a huge interest in eating healthy and really feels good! Natalie and Savannah have such a sweet relationship! I guess they have what you would call a good "check and balance" system going...Savannah is constantly checking and Natalie balances everything out...Thanks Natalie!

Savannah is still trying to figure out if her 4th grade teacher Mrs. Houx likes her or not. She has been in trouble a few times for talking in class and is constantly striving to show her teacher that she is a good student! We have talked on many occasions about different personalities and how to get along with each of their differences. She is a perfectionist and has a strong desire to not only succeed but be the best! She is currently working on entering a contest to have her drawing picked for the cover of this years school yearbook.
We made another quick trip to Utah towards the end of September to be with my sister Audri for her wedding. The youngest of 12 in my family got hitched! Congratulations Jeff and Audri Longman!


Braces for Natalie

Man, the focus has been so much and Devin's Back Brace...I forgot to post that Natalie got a brace too (lots of little ones on her teeth). I think we all agree she wears her braces very well.


Home Sweet Home

We are back in California and it does feel good. Our trip to Utah was "eventful" to say the least and long memories were created! We ended our stay with a fun trip to the thrift store "Savers". We decided to create a "Christmas in August" shopping spree allowing everyone $5 to spend on the a name that was drawn out of a hat. The person who could spend the least amount of money and purchase the most unique gift would win! After about 20 minutes...we had all finalized our purchases and were exchanging gifts in the parking lot... what a hoot!


My little red wagon...

Devin is doing amazing...nothing new to post other than he is relaxing and eating better than he ever could in the Hospital. I just had to post a few pictures of Devin leaving the Hospital. His last nurse in Pediatrics had a great personality and drew a picture of Devin on the hospital room window. The picture is of Devin riding his ATV off the cliff...


Evil Knevil out of the Hospital Today!

Devin has made huge progress and is being discharged from the Hospital today! Since home is over 500 miles away, we will be making ourselves at home here is Utah through the week while Devin does some adjusting and we prepare to travel back home. The love and support we have had here in Utah has been very comforting to all of us.

Trevor, Natalie and Savannah have been able to spend time with the Gibb side of the family and carry on with a semi- normal family vacation less their big brother Devin. Gerald has done an amazing job taking care of Devin's needs and keeping everything under control at the Hospital. I seem to be floating back and forth making sure every ones needs are met (if that's possible).

Tori (Devin's girlfriend) flew into Salt Lake Sunday evening and has definitely lifted Devin's spirits as well. The saying, "It takes a tribe to raise a family"...couldn't be any more true than right now. There is no possible way as parents to do it all and Gerald and I are so thankful for the friends and family near and far that lend their support our way. We are ready to take on our next adventure for the next few months and have Devin home from the Hospital.


Devin's on the move!!!

Yesterday ended up being a day of pain control and much needed rest for Devin. His spirits are still good and like his usual self he does a great job entertaining the people around him. I get tears in my eyes every time I hear him recount his experience on 6 mile canyon in Sterling, UT. He describes his ATV ride as the best ever...no regrets! If we could all live by that principle...think how full filling life would be!

The anticipation of walking for the first time was almost unbearable... but he did it! Up on his feet, supported by his back brace, Devin took two laps around ICU. As a reward for his hard work he got a bath and brushed his teeth. The only draw back to this whole scenario was his father and male nurse Mike were the care givers. No luck in the cute blond nurse department...


EVIL KNEVIL (aka Devin)

Talk about Dejavu...yesterday was a whirlwind of events that made me feel like I was reliving February 28th, 2009 all over again! I am seeing a little clearer this morning and wanted to share a little information with our friends and family on Devin's ATV accident. I don't know what's worse...waiting in a hospital room for test and radiology reports or being 600 miles away when someone you love is in a major accident (Gerald and I will debate that later). Once again, I had my camera with me and was able to record some of the events from yesterday. Your texts, voice mails, prayers and phone calls are so appreciated. There is no question in my mind that Devin's 250 foot fall was cushioned by angels. The Lord has a definite plan and purpose for this kid!!!

Broken Thoracic Vertebrae 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 9
7 Broken Ribs
1 Punctured lung
No suurgery needed!!!
Devin has already tried on the "Turtle Shell" that he will be wearing for the next 12 weeks and should be up and walking a bit today 7/30/2010. He has determined that a broken neck hurts alot less than 7 ribs and and 6 back bones (go figure).


Mom's Are Human Too

There are times in a mothers life when we realize we are human. This became a realization when Devin and I showed up 7 hours late for a very much anticipated appointment at the DMV! Devin's excitement was crushed when he was told he missed his behind the wheel driving appointment and his only option was to make another appointment later in the month (he was less than thrilled with his mother). As I began to turn to apologize, I was abruptly cut off with a ...""Don't even say it Mom." There was no arguing... I couldn't change what had just happened and nothing that I could say would make it better. We rode home in silence as I thought about how I should have or could have done a few things differently earlier that day to prevent the mix-up.

There are also times in a mothers life when your children completely surprise you with their ability to overcome obstacles in their life and move ahead! Upon returning home Devin disappeared in the house and I immediately began to research when another appointment at the DMV would be available. Not but 15 min. had passed and Devin engulfed me in a hug saying, "It's no big deal Mom". He had rearranged his date plans for the night and put the past behind him just like that. Man, I really love that kid!

I was able to schedule an appointment for one week later and on July 6th, Devin received his drivers license. Maybe if he had taken his test one week earlier he wouldn't have had Lupe as his instructor? She was so darn cute we had to have a picture with her!

Fourth of July in Big Bear California

Any chance we get to ecape the heat we jump at it! July 3rd was spent at Troy's for a swim party and BBQ and the 4th was spent in Big Bear with Grandpa and Grandma Hampton. Hal and Shela are running a church camp for the second year in a row. They did such a dynamite job the first year... they asked them back for a repeat season in the mountains. Everyone loves the them and all they do to serve on their mission April through October.
Fireworks in Big Bear are some of the best to be seen and to top it off, the back ground is Big Bear Lake. The Pyke Family had a big Fourth of July Celebration at their home on the lake so we had perfect seats for the show! It really was a picture perfect day spent with freinds and family and patriotism was in the air for sure. Natalie commented on how Sue had decorated everything so perefectly...
... red, white and blue was everywhere!


Pioneer Trek

The worst of times...the best of times...the dirtiest of times...

Gerald and I had the opportunity to be a Ma and Pa for the Pioneer Trek. Devin and Trevor were also part of the Trek and if you were to ask any of us how it went... we'd all have a different response.
Trevor would tell you that he would have never made it as a Pioneer and you'll never see him on another Trek... but his Ma and Pa were pretty cool and had good snacks.
Devin would tell you..."Read my 5 page journal excerpt...I sound just like Joseph Smith. It was so cool except for when I rolled down the hill and found every sticker and thorn inside my overalls!"
Gerald had everyone of his new family members nick named and whooped into shape by the first 30 minutes.
I was in awe of the reality I felt being a Pioneer and the daily obstacles they had to overcome. An awesome experience! We all spent a few days talking about our own experiences, laughing and sharing our new found love and appreciation for the pioneers. However, there is a reason they only do this trek every 4 years...

June 2010

Our 96 year old Grandma Green past away this June. Her funeral was really more a celebration of life than anything. Tears that were shed were for the wonderful memories she has given her posterity to keep in our hearts and thoughts. It was a great trip to the Pacific Northwest especially being greeted by blue skies and warm weather! We managed to drive through our old stomping grounds of Canby, Oregon and a quick visit to the Coast as well. The sights and familiar smells put smiles on all our faces as we spent the weekend remembering Grandma and Grandpa Green and the wonderful lives we had as children growing up in Oregon.


Babies on the way...

You would think I'm the one having a baby with the excitement that is in the air. Momma Chick has been sitting on her eggs for 21 days now. Any day we will have little chicks running around the coop again (21 days beats the heck out of 40 weeks...chickens got it easy!)

P.S. Our "Chicken Farm"... was not very sucessfull in the hatching process and our odds ended up being less than desireable... 0-13 to be exact! We are not quite sure why none of our baby chicks survived but have unanumously decided to give it a break till the weather cools here in the desert.

Keep on swimming...just keep swimming...

As the heat comes to the Desert, the girls welcome being able to jump in the pool for some friendly competition. It's friendly to Natalie ... Savannah on the other hand takes it a little more seriously! Wonder who she gets that from?