June 2016

June 2016


Braces for Natalie

Man, the focus has been so much and Devin's Back Brace...I forgot to post that Natalie got a brace too (lots of little ones on her teeth). I think we all agree she wears her braces very well.


Home Sweet Home

We are back in California and it does feel good. Our trip to Utah was "eventful" to say the least and long memories were created! We ended our stay with a fun trip to the thrift store "Savers". We decided to create a "Christmas in August" shopping spree allowing everyone $5 to spend on the a name that was drawn out of a hat. The person who could spend the least amount of money and purchase the most unique gift would win! After about 20 minutes...we had all finalized our purchases and were exchanging gifts in the parking lot... what a hoot!


My little red wagon...

Devin is doing amazing...nothing new to post other than he is relaxing and eating better than he ever could in the Hospital. I just had to post a few pictures of Devin leaving the Hospital. His last nurse in Pediatrics had a great personality and drew a picture of Devin on the hospital room window. The picture is of Devin riding his ATV off the cliff...


Evil Knevil out of the Hospital Today!

Devin has made huge progress and is being discharged from the Hospital today! Since home is over 500 miles away, we will be making ourselves at home here is Utah through the week while Devin does some adjusting and we prepare to travel back home. The love and support we have had here in Utah has been very comforting to all of us.

Trevor, Natalie and Savannah have been able to spend time with the Gibb side of the family and carry on with a semi- normal family vacation less their big brother Devin. Gerald has done an amazing job taking care of Devin's needs and keeping everything under control at the Hospital. I seem to be floating back and forth making sure every ones needs are met (if that's possible).

Tori (Devin's girlfriend) flew into Salt Lake Sunday evening and has definitely lifted Devin's spirits as well. The saying, "It takes a tribe to raise a family"...couldn't be any more true than right now. There is no possible way as parents to do it all and Gerald and I are so thankful for the friends and family near and far that lend their support our way. We are ready to take on our next adventure for the next few months and have Devin home from the Hospital.