June 2016

June 2016



How often to you get to witness a 0-0 football game with only 2 minutes 35 seconds in the 4th quarter. Both teams were evenly matched and played outstanding football. With a few minutes to go in the 4th, and Indio on their 2 yard line, our defense held them from scoring. However, this put us on their 2 yard line with the ball. Our fears were a reality when we fumbled the ball and they got a saftey putting 2 points on the score board. We got the ball back with 20 seconds to go and Trevor threw the most beautiful pass for an 85 yard play and touch down... the sidelines went absolutely crazy!!! We won the game...It's games with this kind of intensity and victory that make the months of hard work and sweat pay off.

2009 LQHS - Water Polo Season

Growth..Hard Work...Determination...Huge imporvement...Endurance
Just a few words to describe this years Water polo season.
Devin is growing as a player taking from each game what he can to make the next a little better.


The Finished Product

The chicken coop and chicken run are 100% complete! Devin is happy and more importantly... the chickens are happy too.