June 2016

June 2016


Picture France From Inside A Mini Cooper

We've walked all of Monaco that could possibly be walked and decided that since they only show movies in French we would spend our fifth day in Monaco inside a Mini Cooper driving to Canes, France. The inside of the Cooper was a little cramped and we were unable to get actual footage so I will paint a mental picture for you. A Mini Cooper isn't the most ideal vehicle for 3 full grown Americans especially one being 6'3". Our 4 passanger vehicle quickly turned to 3 passanger after Troy was uninimusly voted chofure for the day and moved his seat into driving position. I was given the front passanger seat after having a closterfobic spazz attach in the back and Sarah graciously shared what was left of the back seat with Devin while we went on our way. Due to the driving conditions here most vehicles are either missing their side mirrors or they are somewhat damaged. Let's just say the larger vehicle on the street always has the right of way and most streets look the size of a side walk.
While starting on our adventure Troy felt it was best to follow a local driver. I'm pretty sure we made it to the highest point overlooking Monaco. Despite the rain, it was a beautiful view and we continued on to Canes. Canes is well known for their film festivlas (so we hear). This particular day it was full of cold wind and alot of rain. Needless to say, we found some great shops and a dry warm pizzaria to have lunch. After being "Cooped" up for long enough and being unable to find a Starbucks for hot chocolate or carmel apple cider we retired to our rooms for another 6 hour nap thus ending our day. We're headed to Italy tomorrow for shopping and hopefully no rain...


Monaco, Monte Carlo

It only took 15 hours of travel time and Devin and I ended up half way around the world! We are in Monaco which lies between France and Italy right on the Mediteranean Sea. After surviving a long day of travel and two days of rain we are finding ourselves right at home here in Monaco loving the food, the language and the scenery. I'd have to say the highlight of the trip so far has been simply walking the streets and enjoying the architectual beauty of the city. Everywhere you turn there is something that catches the eye and leaves you in awe of what was created hundreds of years ago.