June 2016

June 2016


Things Overlooked Everyday

I've been transferring all our VHS and 8MM family video's to DVD.  I've had them running the past couple of weeks while I'm at home doing other things but have caught myself getting lost in old memories and getting stuck in front of the TV!  Just can't help it...you really do forget some of the sweet, tender, and hilarious memories as the years fly by.  While watching these memories, I was amazed at what I was able to pick out from the recordings.  The voices and bodies not found in front of the camera were also telling their own story. Let me explain...
Most mothers are often found behind the camera recording a special event. We get so focused on what in is front of us it's very easy to tune out everything else that transpires while being the videographer.  While watching our family on DVD not only am I reliving each special recorded event, I have been given a second chance to live the moments that were tuned out while my face was behind the camcorder! Little faces popping right in front of the camera lens wanting a little of the spotlight are no longer annoying but sweet and innocent and little voices behind the camera pleading to go to the park instead of watching the soccer game only melts my heart.  Makes me wonder what I am over looking each day while the camera is not rolling.  am I listening when they are talking? Am I looking when they say watch? Am I taking advantage of each day they are with me? If I have to ask...the answer is probably not!


Parents Weekend

We had a fabulous weekend with Devin in October. He has not wasted a minute finding his place in San Luis Obispo.  Has great roommates, auditioned and made the school choir as a tenor, was hired part time at a local Starbucks, has joined the "Crops Club" who evidently BBQ's tri-tip when they have their club meetings and is learning all the tricks to getting anything for free like most college students do.  We were able to hear him sing with his choir in an evening performance and they also sang "The Nation Anthem" at the football game. Devin continues to do what he does best and that is live in the moment and make the most of it...He loves college!


Water Polo

Savannah plays water polo with Natalie and several other kids that are twice her size. I've given her the pep talk that when she practices above her level she's only bettering herself as a player (even if  she's getting trampled the whole practice). A few weekends ago she had the opportunity to play against a club team her own age and she had a blast! She's really learning the game and had so much fun playing it.


Las Vegas trip once with the kids once all alone! Ice skating with friends (we were actually cold)! Talent night with the Achievement day girls and oh yes, don't forget the goat herding and corralling! Savannah was thrilled with her goats this particular day.


Recovering Quickly

Trevor is recovering very quickly! In fact tonight he was walking around the house without his brace on...not sure that was what the Doctor ordered this early on. The toughest part of recovery with a 16 year old is helping him realize that it takes time for the body to heal and helping him find the patience to let that happen!