June 2016

June 2016


Baby Girl

What started as a duck rescue from El Paseo shopping district, ended up being more like the movie Fly Away Home.  Devin is well know as an animal lover and he gets frequent phone calls looking for advise when it comes to animals...especially strays.  It just so happens that the cute little homeless duck is a beautiful goose that within two months time is now flying over the tree line to visit the private golf course and the refreshing ponds it has to offer.  It has been super fun watching Devin care for the goose (baby girl).  I've decided raising Geese is alot like teenagers.  They start out in life following every footstep until they realize they have wings and can fly!  It doesn't take long for them to venture out on their own and as parents all we can hope for is that they don't stray too far from home. 


There are moments in your life when everything around you silences and the thing that matter most in your life stand still like a picture.

Thank you Grandpa Hampton for always bringing the one thing that matters most in life together. A fun filled day at Sea World with FAMILY!

Fourty Years Old...but who's counting?

I turned 22 years old again... except this year I have 18 years experience being 22 years old (great line Lynelle). I woke up to birthday balloons, streamers, flowers and the day ended with a great meal at Joe's Crab Shack. Gerald threatens to trade me in for two 20 year olds. This picture best describes how I feel about all that non-sense!

Travels to Utah

We really look forward to our Summer visits to Utah. This year, Nathan Fox was getting married and we just couldn't miss that! It's also a perfect excuse to escape the desert heat for awhile. We had a fantastic trip with something fun and eventful planned everyday but most importantly...we all returned home safely with no trips to the hospital! Our first fun adventure was the Flow Rider. I think everyone fell in love with the challenge (The boys actually went twice in the same week).

We of course spent time with Grandpa and Grandma Gibb riding horses and the zip line.
Our trip to Thanksgiving Point was Devin's highlight for sure. While checking out the chicken coops, he found out they sold fertilized eggs! As you can guess...before leaving for home he purchased 12 eggs of different varieties which are now in his incubator growing and will hatch around August 2nd.
My favorite is always the hiking we get to do while in Utah. This trip we hiked to Stewart Falls in Sundance which took us right next to the fall and the snow covered ground. It was very cool... (literally) and we ended the hike with a polar bear dip in the ice cold run off.

You might say that the cherry on top of this whole week was the Kenny Chesney concert!!!Thank you Aunt Lynelle
We had a hard time saying good-bye... so Lynelle and Mitchell followed us to St. George and we did another hike in Zions National Park before finishing the last leg of our journey home.

4th of July

Fourth of July was spent with Troy & Sarah at their home. The day consisted of swimming, BBQ, basketball and it ended with a cool thunder & lightning storm with lots of rain which was perfect for a huge slip & slide! Soooo much fun!!!