June 2016

June 2016


Lunch Buddies Unite For Dinner

A group of friends formed a support network and they call themselves the "Lunch Buddies".  As most great things do...it started off small and developed into an incredible network of students at La Quinta High School. A positive network of students that were looking for something more...support, friendship, lunch conversation and they all share a common interests of setting goals and helping one another achieve those goals. The Class of 2012 Lunch Buddies celebrated their senior year, all of their accomplishments as well as the exciting future that awaits them.  

Lets not forget that in order to make this all happen...their was a very long TO DO LIST and a very dedicated event staff  behind the scenes!


I really love to garden.  If I were given a choice between cleaning my house or weeding my garden, I would choose the garden any day!  It must stem back to growing up in Oregon and helping my Grandpa Green in his garden every summer (kinda ironic...last name was Green).  We had the opportunity of sharing property lines and living directly over the wood fence.  Fresh vegetables all through the summer not to mention the fresh berries we were surrounded by...to die for!

Gardening in the Desert took some getting used to.  We really have it great here in the Desert, aside from the scorching months of July and August you can practically grow year round and when friends and family are shoveling snow in the Winter, I am making fresh salsa! There are times I feel like calculating the profit loss for my garden...but that really wouldn't be fair.  How do you put a price on time spent outside with your kids.  I'm not going to sugar coat anything...we've had some of our best arguments in the middle of that garden but we've had some pretty good laughs as well and we've seen what can happen when you care for and nurture a tiny little seed in the soil.

I decided this year I was really going to focus on planting fruit and vegetables that taste good to us.  Savannah and I dedicated one whole raised planter bed to watermelon and cantelope.  I was so excited to have fresh melon all spring and summer long! The plants flourished and bloomed and as the melon's grew, they began to look more like squash.  Come to find out my melon patch is a pumpkin patch!  I've always wanted a pumpkin patch...really...but it's never done very well growing at the tail end of the summer in our Desert heat.  Long story short...I've got a beautiful pumpkin patch full of about 15-20 pumpkins.  It's the middle of Spring and not one person in our house can say they care much for anything pumpkin!
My profit loss statement at the end of this growing season is not going to look very good...but this sure does!



He's having fun....doing what he loves...it involves competition and having some sort of leather ball in his hand.  There has been some personal turmoil as to whether or not he should focus on one sport and which game he prefers.  I think it depends primarily on which season he is in and where he feels most confident at that given moment.  With Fall comes a full contact sport and bright Friday night lights...Spring is a much more passive game and as a spectator seeds are a necessity!  I find I love them both...each in different ways...but it all revolves around watching my blond haired blue eyed boy compete and play hard. Trevor is talented on both fields and is even thinking about High School Basketball next year.  He's found a passion for it and the challenge of mastering a new game he hasn't had a whole lot of experience with. 


Legally Blond

A huge highlight in Devin's senior year has come and gone.  He played Warren in the musical Legally Blond and  gave every audience a pretty good laugh!  The whole performance was really cute.  We hosted the cast party on Saturday evening which consisted of hide and seek, water guns, beach balls, frisbee and a bon fire. It was super fun to sit back and watch a great group of high school students have some good old fashioned fun!


Happy Birthday Natalie

Elegant, Quiet, Sincere, Tender, Beautiful, Thoughtful, 
On Natalie's birthday weekend we were able to share in the excitement of Trina having another baby boy.  Natalie actually planned, organized and threw the baby shower for Trina.  It was so much fun spending time together as a family and watching Natalie lead, delegate and execute her ideas.  She's amazing!


Savannah treated me to a pedicure!  Her achievement day group put on an evening of relaxation an entertainment for all their mothers. Super fun...