June 2016

June 2016


The Summer Slips Away

It's been an busy summer as usual. Busy with business that it is...Trevor did two sessions of summer school and has been crazy busy with football camps and clinics getting ready for this Fall! He mentioned the other day that he'd just like to be a kid for a few days and really enjoy his summer. If he's not working on his own personal goals, Gerald has got him outside working. There is always something to get done! I didn't have the heart to tell him it only gets worse from here. Senior year ahead with all that it demands with timelines and decisions to make. The days of being a "kid" are long gone! These photo's are from the camp he attended at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. 

We did manage to get away to San Diego for a weekend and enjoy the cool weather while the girls played water polo in the CA State Games. They were both playing above their usual level and got lots of great experience. Natalie even scored a vital goal during one of our wins! The team was made up of High School Junior and Seniors and it was super cool to watch the girls hold their own in the pool and compete with the best of them!

We enjoyed a short trip to Coronado Beach where Savannah got stung by a sting ray literally 5 minutes after being in the water! I even happened to capture it on the camera while she jumped on Natalie's back yelling she had been bitten by a shark!

There is one very important thing to know after a sting ray attack...There is nothing you can do other than put the sting in the hottest water bearable for as long as possible. It counter acts the venom helping the pain subside quicker than usual. Poor Savannah...the over dramatic sea shell cut happened to be a legitimate ordeal! We love you and we love hot tubs that you can sneak into to help solve the problem!


Happy Fourth of July

Another great Fourth of July spent at Troy and Sarah's house swimming and BBQing

And Devin spent Fourth of July at the Beach with Megan...