June 2016

June 2016


Somebody Loves Me...

So I post this and that about the kids... why do I find it so hard to share about myself? That question remains to be answered. I was talking to my sister Sydni this morning and when she asked, "How are you?" I decided to be very honest and share in the fact that I really hate Monday's! I hate feeling like I'm in the same routine that starts over every Monday morning and repeates itself day after day after day after day. Then Friday gets here and I'm too tired to get excited about doing anything. There was a time that Fridays had a cool feeling about them. The days where there was anticipation of what kind of weekend fun I could get into as a teenager are long gone and I have come to accept the fact that nobody appreciates who I am or what I do! I know what you're saying..."Do you want some wine with that cheese"? So at the close to yet another Monday of being an alarm clock, housekeeper, choufer and personal chef, I sit down at my desk and find this written on a sticky note just above my computer.

"I love you Mom! You're a great person and I admire all you do!" - Savannah

A few weeks ago I was looking over my calendar in the office and also found a hand written note from my 17 year old.

"Mom You Rock!" - Devin

Okay...that puts it all back into perspective! I love my life, I love my job and I'd do it over and over again any day of the week!


Time Slips Away

For the past couple of months as I've pondered just what in our lives has been blog worthy, I have found myself making the decision not post! Then it hit me... there has been no major events in our lives that have driven me to update our blog and that in itself is the very reason to post! It seems like our families major events have involved a trip to the hospital these last few years. In my subconsious...no news was good news...

We have had an incredible winter and begining to 2011. Our Holidays were filled with lots of family time which is tough to come by these days with us all going different directions. Gerald pulled us together for a "New Years Resolution Pep Talk". This year was different from the past and the kids were very excited about their short and long term goals. With the the power of positive affirmations and reading our goals daily, we are already beginining to see signs of attaining some of the goals that we have set.

I think it is easiest to summarize the last few months when I focus on each individual so here it goes...

Devin continues to perfect the art of being a chicken farmer. For Christmas he recieved a incubator and sucessfully hatched 12 healthy chicks the end of January. We also celebrated his 17th birthday and he just returned from another amazing Youth and Government Trip to Sacramento. It was just two years ago that he broke his neck while sledding (feels like yesturday). Devin's focus these days seems to be on figuring out a way to fill his gas tank every week. A special thank you to all those recyclers out there that donate in his behalf.

Growth...would be the one word to describe Trevor the last couple of months. Physically, Mentally and Emotionally. The transition into High School Sports has been an intersting one and Trevor has kept a positive attitude through it all. He and Devin are continually arguing over who is bigger and stronger. Despite Devin loosing a couple of inches after breaking his back, he will not allow his little brother to pass him up. Devin's philosophy is this, "It's not the size of the boat it's motion of the ocean". Trevor constantly has us all laughing. He has a way of reaching in and finding somthing to make each of laugh about no matter what the circumstance. It is quite refreshing and very often well needed. Freshman Baseball has started and it looks like Trevor will be catching and pitching for LQHS. Go Blackhawks!

Lady Bug is growing some pretty big wings these days. She is completly head over heals for the Young Woman program in our church and is developing a self confidence in herself that is amazing! Since Natalie was 10 years old she has been trying to find a way to make money of her own. Through the help of Grandma Hampton she has been able to fine tune her filling and accounting skills while helping with her taxes and just recently has begun baby sitting which she really likes! Most of all she really enjoys having money in her wallet that she can call her own.

Savannah decided to enter the year book cover contest and found out the first of the year that she won the front cover! If I could only have captured and saved the expression on her face when she found out she won. Being the over achiever she is, Savannah made the decision to do a Science Fair Project this year (it was not required). With some help from Devin, she managed to take first place and also move onto the District level for more judging. The title of her project was, "Does the color of momma hen and daddy rooster effect the outcome of the baby chick?" Not only did we managed to complete a sucsessfull science fair project...we hatched some more chicks in the process! What mother wouldn't be thrilled about multi-tasking? Savannah is playing softball for the first time and Gerald is coaching softball for the first time...it should make for some great entertainment this Spring!