June 2016

June 2016



What is it about change in routine that throws me so off? We moved 2 months ago and there are days that I still feel like I'm walking in circles! Our move has been so seamless and really refreshing actually. The kids and I spent the summer prior to moving de-cluttering, selling furniture on Craig's List and simplifying our lives as much as possible. Moving from a 6,000 sq ft home to a 3,100 sq ft home meant re-evaluating what we really needed to take with us. With the kids help we were very successful in accomplishing this which has made for an easy transition. The girls miss their large room and extra space but are so good about making it "work" and the fact that we now have a pool in the backyard far outweighs all of the compromising with a smaller house. We have been in the pool just about every day since our move in August and not an evening goes by that Trevor and his buddies don't fire up the spa after football practice. There is nothing to miss about cleaning the extra 3,000 sq ft of home we left behind and Gerald seems to be able  to come home and relax with his family which is invaluable! All good signs that we are in the right place at the right time! 

What's next?  Next on the list is helping Trevor decide on the right fit for college next year which will hopefully include playing football and being a "student athlete". Natalie is getting her drivers permit next week and gearing up for another season of high school water polo and it's all I can do to slow down he process of Savannah growing up too fast in middle school. From time to time she still calls me "Momma" which sounds a little juvenile coming out of her mouth but I have to admit... I love hearing it and she can call me Momma as long as she wants! Devin manages to get home on the weekend for Friday night football and as much as he is missing the college life at Cal Poly SLO, he is really enjoy working with Todd in his loan business. He will submit his mission papers in the next couple of months and can hardly wait to receive his call to serve!


Sister Missionaries

 Sister Davis and Sister Whitford came over on their Prep-Day for a little Manicure/Pedicure TLC! It was so much fun pampering these beautiful ladies! 
 Savannah and Sister Whitford were scheming up business ideas which had something to do with spray on shoes...we were all laughing hysterically. She even let Savannah express her creative side and do custom design painting on her toes. They were custom for sure...so fun!
These ladies are so selfless and have sacrificed 18 months of their normal lives to serve The Lord. I am always amazed and the humble nature and obedience the missionaries exemplify and continue to be inspired to be a better missionary myself! The Gospel of Jesus Christ gives my life meaning and direction and it would be selfish to keep the gift that it is in my life a secret!


Feelin' like Fall

Each week ends with the anticipation of a Friday night football game under the lights... It's also a sure sign that Fall is here! LQHS has had a pretty tough pre-season game schedule but were are continuing to improve with a record of 2-2 thus far. 


Has anyone seen August?

Not sure where the whole month of August went but I am remembering more with each box I unpack...oh yes, it was spent packing up our home and moving! We sold our chicken/goat/palm tree farm and will be renting a beautiful home closer to the schools and "life" until we decide what our next step will be. Moving went very smooth! We are settled in and loving our new home with a beautiful back yard and swimming pool (something we have really missed as a family for the past 6 years). School is in full swing as well as football season and everyone is pretty darn happy with the school year ahead of them. 

There are a few things that should not go unmentioned that did happen in August and had nothing to do with moving. Devin is working and living with Trina and Todd while he prepares and saves for his mission and we were able to go visit him and have a day at the beach in Corona Del Mar. We always look forward to leaving the Desert heat behind for a quick escape to the beach. Devin took us each snorkeling and some of us got to see schools of baby sharks fairly close to the shore (Savannah was one of the lucky...but not too thrilled). We also made quite the journey WITHOUT SHOES...ACROSS LOTS OF SHARP ROCKS to "Jump Rock"...and that is exactly what we did! Our feet will never be the same but I guess you could say it made our day very memorable.

To top off the weekend, we were able to go to Megan Strickland's missionary farewell. She will be serving Spanish speaking in Nashville, TN and learning the language in Mexico City prior to going to Nashville. Megan and Devin met in San Luis Obispo and have been "special" friends ever since.  Note in the picture that Devin and Megan have matching skirt and tie...go ahead and roll the eyes. I did, but you have to admit...pretty darn creative and cute! 


The Summer Slips Away

It's been an busy summer as usual. Busy with business that it is...Trevor did two sessions of summer school and has been crazy busy with football camps and clinics getting ready for this Fall! He mentioned the other day that he'd just like to be a kid for a few days and really enjoy his summer. If he's not working on his own personal goals, Gerald has got him outside working. There is always something to get done! I didn't have the heart to tell him it only gets worse from here. Senior year ahead with all that it demands with timelines and decisions to make. The days of being a "kid" are long gone! These photo's are from the camp he attended at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. 

We did manage to get away to San Diego for a weekend and enjoy the cool weather while the girls played water polo in the CA State Games. They were both playing above their usual level and got lots of great experience. Natalie even scored a vital goal during one of our wins! The team was made up of High School Junior and Seniors and it was super cool to watch the girls hold their own in the pool and compete with the best of them!

We enjoyed a short trip to Coronado Beach where Savannah got stung by a sting ray literally 5 minutes after being in the water! I even happened to capture it on the camera while she jumped on Natalie's back yelling she had been bitten by a shark!

There is one very important thing to know after a sting ray attack...There is nothing you can do other than put the sting in the hottest water bearable for as long as possible. It counter acts the venom helping the pain subside quicker than usual. Poor Savannah...the over dramatic sea shell cut happened to be a legitimate ordeal! We love you and we love hot tubs that you can sneak into to help solve the problem!


Happy Fourth of July

Another great Fourth of July spent at Troy and Sarah's house swimming and BBQing

And Devin spent Fourth of July at the Beach with Megan...


Trevor is Seventeen

I've been collecting baseball and football jerseys for a lot of years with the intent of using them in a quilt for Trevor some day.  It was so much fun putting this together for Trevor's 17th birthday and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out...imperfections and all! I love it when a plan comes together!

Happy Birthday Trevor! 


Our Own Duck Dynasty - Uncle Brad

Being part of the Berthelson Family Legacy is quite a claim to fame! You can imagine our excitement when we discovered that our own Uncle Brad Berthelson was in fact Uncle Si from the nationally televised show Duck Dynasty! Just look at the above comparison... How could anyone deny it? Better yet, if you have ever had the pleasure of spending any length of time visiting with Uncle Brad, it would only solidify the fact that Uncle Brad Berthelson is truly the cover up for the world famous Uncle Si! 

Personal Progress

After lots of thought...planning...and preparation...Natalie completed another 10 hour Personal Progress project. She organized the putting together of care packages for the homeless and it was a huge success! Since then, we have heard stories of different experiences the Young Women have had in giving them people. A great project that has inspired many girls to reach out to those in need!