June 2016

June 2016


JGMS Winter Ball

Taylor Farrell, Emily Maize, Savannah and Kayla Toth
Good Freinds and a Great Group Date to the Ball

Girls 2015 Water Polo Season

Natalie's polo season is coming to a close. Last weekend was filled with very competitive games resulting in LQHS placing 2nd in DVL. The game against Xavier proved to be a test of metal strength and endurance. Both teams were tied most the game as they took turns moving ahead 1 - 2 goals. At one point, LQHS was down by 2. Natalie took an amazing outside shot followed by Brooke scoring right away to tie the game and break any confidence Xavier might have been building. It's always a great feeling to be victorious after a game and it was magnified this game by Natalie showing up to play her best game of the season! She was confident, aggressive, quick with her passes and wasn't afraid to take her shot! It was so incredibly fun to watch her hard work and determination throughout the season come all together.  CIF playoffs start next week!

Pasta Night with the Varsity Team


Happy 21st Birthday Elder Hampton

I got both my birthday package and my socks package this week! It was awesome to feel like I was right at home reading your "I like --" from all the family. Thank you for making me feel at home :)

I also have to say the dog tazer works like a champ! We always have this HUGE dog at the house of one of our investigators and Elder Mann always gets surprised (I don't know how? It always tries to eat us through the fence...) Well, this last night we went by to test out the device.

We walked up, clapped our hands as usual, and Fausto the member who was teaching with us leaned against the fence. Not a good idea... The dog came bolting our of its house and I nonchalantly took out the tazer and just in time pushed the button and you would have thought the dog got shot. It hit a wall. Literally stopped dead in its tracks and bolted in the opposite direction. Fausto was so intrigued by the device. He didn't understand how it worked and was so surprised. We then spent the rest of the night teaching and scaring sleeping dogs in the street. Thank you very much!

I will try to take a video and send it next week.

Also my socks are the best gift I have gotten since being on a mission. I really love them thank you.

I'd love to hear a story or two from the cruise!

Have a great week Mom and Dad.

√Člder Hampton|Secretario