June 2016

June 2016


Chicken Fights Now & Then

Some things never change...except in this case, their size and stature!


Career Day for Savannah

It was career day at the middle school for Savannah. She got into the car after school thrilled with the events of her day mainly because it consisted of her usual school work being replaced with speakers talking about their careers.  Her eyes had been opened up to the many opportunities that lie ahead for her and that she would actually be very good at some of them! The decisions she had made for her future career path were as follows.

1. Olympic Water Polo Player
She decided this would be her number one choice because she could see herself doing this every day of her life and she loves to play. Her concerns were that of  how do water polo players make money? What do you do after water polo? This of course led to a great conversation!
2. Trial Lawyer
Savannah openly admitted that she was very good at talking and she would be very good at winning cases as a Lawyer.
3. Singer & Song Writer
This is what Savannah truly loves to do every minute of the day. She has finally started writing down the lyrics to all these great songs she sings off the top of her head and forgets. Apparently, one of the parents that shared at career day was a lawyer by day and musician by night. He made the decision that being a musician wasn't the best way to support a family so he finished Law School and has kept playing music on the side. This made perfect sense to Savannah because she truly does love music but hasn't been able to figure out how it all fits in the the big picture of her life.

There's nothing quite like having your eyes opened to something and for the puzzle pieces of confusion to fall into place at the same time! Savannah seems to think her puzzle in complete, kind of like when she announced in Kindergarten she wanted to be a Costco worker when she grew up (thank goodness our eyes are opened at many different levels).  I think the most important vision to keep is the belief that we can do anything... Savannah can and will!


Trevor's Baseball season ended in the second round of CIF Playoffs. The highlight of the season was defeating Palm Desert at home. At the baseball banquet Trevor received his varsity letter along with Coach Conley's Blackhawk award. The Coach awards this to the player that shines in all areas of being part of the LQHS Blackhawk team...Quite a compliment. Trevor is growing in strides not only physically but mentally as well and it is very exciting to see it all come together for him!


Happy Birthday Natalie!

This beautiful girl is 15 years old! 
Smart Creative Compassionate Tender Inspired Determined Virtuous Intelligent Inquisitive Grouchy Swimmer Fashionable Sleepy Forgiving Humorous Driven Thoughtful Smiley Sometimes Helpful Beautiful
You are amazing Natalie!    


Disneyland vs Tommy Bahamas

Devin's Christmas gift to Trevor this year was a trip to Disneyland and they both took a "special " friend along to enjoy the day. Megan and Lilly are super cute girls we love having around and the boys seem to like it a bit too! While the boys were away, Gerald treated the girls to dinner at Tommy Bahamas. We ended up having a bit of a picture war over who was having the most fun...

Spring 2013

Lots of little things happening here and there throughout Spring. The girls spent the first part of their Spring break on the Ensenada Cruise with Grandpa and Grandma Hampton. That left Devin and Trevor home to celebrate 22 years of marriage with Gerald and I. Taking a quick picture for memory sake is never the case in this family...as you can see, Trevor had a little fun with this...

Not sure showing the lack of chest hair was necessary but we got smiles from these men because of it! 

After getting off the cruise ship, the cousins were able to stop by and say hello to Preston and Parker

Devin was home for about 10 days for his Spring Break. We all loved hearing the piano being played and Savannah was by his side singing "Jar of Hearts" whenever she could get a chance. 

Time Out for Women

Shela treated us all to a well needed couple of days of "Time out For Women". Uplifting speakers along with good company of sisters was just what the Doctor ordered! Yes...a little goofy...that's what happens when the girls get together!


22 Years and Counting

I totally missed a Happy Anniversary Post on March 30th!  It's been a very eventful 22 years to say the least and life does anything but simplify as the kids grow up. I really love this picture of the two of us...it captures the emotion that I feel when I think about all the great experiences we have had through the last 22 years. It really makes me appreciate the fact that as a couple we have been able compromise with one another and find the team work necessary to overcome obstacles that have ultimately given our relationship a depth that I never thought possible. I have loved each phase of our lives together and look forward to the diversity that lies ahead of us and our family... here's to 22 Years!!!!