June 2016

June 2016


We've Got Eggs

Pretty exciting...we've started producing eggs! This is what Devin decided to do with the very first egg he found in the coop. He calls it, "Becoming one with his chickens".

2009 LaQuinta High School Winter Ball

Devin Hampton and Tori Mellard

Devin is Sixteen

I disagree with what Devin quoted throughout the day..."It's just another day". Our oldest son is now 16! It's a crazy feeling for us as parents. However, Devin has always been very mature for his age and he is more than ready to be 16, driving and dating. He got his drivers permit the end of December and will be eligible to get his license the end of June. He will be an expert on the road after driving an Excursion during his learning curve. We couldn't ask for a better example as the oldest in our family and it is really thrilling to watch him grow up. The family helped compile a book for his birthday listing all the great traits Devin has according to the ABC's. Here is a photo of him reading it.