June 2016

June 2016


Gerald's 39th Birthday

Dinner at Babes with good friends and family was a perfect way to spend Gerald's 39th birthday.

Trevor's 12th Birthday

Trevor received the priesthood on June 29th, 2008 in Indio, CA. After his bishops interview this prior Sunday he came out the Bishops office and asked, "How long was I in there?" I answered, "About 15 minutes, what did you talk about?" His reply was this, "We talked about the priesthood and what it means and then we talked a lot about baseball." Bishops really are in tune with what each individual needs.


Cooperstown, NY

We are here living one of Trevor's biggest dreams in Oneonta, NY @ All Star Village Cooperstown! What an awesome experience it has been so far starting with the Yankee vs. Red Sox game on the 4th of July! This tournament is all about the kids making their experience one they will never forget while staying on site all week with their coaches and all the other teams competing in the tournament. Devin and I will see Gerald and Trevor at the games and briefly in between. During our spare time Devin could be found BBQing at our cabin, hiking the local trails or video taping the gorgeous scenery of New York! The Desert Storm won their first game today 15-5 with Trevor pitching the first 4 innings. Stay posted for more great news to come!