June 2016

June 2016


Surprisingly Positive

Trevor has been dealing with ongoing pain in his right knee for the last couple of years.  We rarely go to the Doctor and I'm the mother that suggest a big glass of water or some extra sleep will make it all better.
To my defense... it almost always works! Going from one sport to another does not allow much recovery time for the body and the fact that Trevor grew over 3 inches in the last year made me think growing pains was a big contributing factor to the discomfort.  Trevor was well aware going into his Junior year at LQHS he would have his work cut out for him in competing for the top spot as quarterback on the varsity team. His summer was spent doing strength training along with Kinetics to increase his speed with not much time to rest in between and towards the end of July it became apparent that it was much more than growing pains in his right knee.  Running completely stopped and physical therapy started in hopes to begin the healing process of a torn patellar tendon.  After 6 weeks of patience and limited practice and playing time on the football field, it was decided that surgery would be necessary in order for Trevor to heal completely. He will undergo surgery to repair and reinforce his patella tendon on Monday September 17th.  With a positive attitude, we all head into this next week hopeful that surgery is successful and Trevor will have a quick recovery and be ready for Baseball season this Spring.

And He's Off!

Devin is off and running at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo!  Feels a little empty around here and I really don't like the sight of his empty room... even more than I hated seeing dirty clothes and wet towels all over the floor. It was a whirlwind of a day driving to San Luis Obispo, getting Devin moved into his apartment,  making a timely trip to Costco, a quick trip to Target and then jumping right back in the car to drive home.  I woke up the next morning in a bit of a daze and feeling numb about everything.  I do know this however...Devin has spent the last 18 years growing some pretty strong wings and now it's time for him to fly.  We are left at home doing a little adjusting within our home but Devin is right where he should be.  That silly boy felt this Kayak was a necessity in the packing process for school. To make a long story short, This kayak made the trip from Indio to San Luis Obispo and right back to Indio.  Turns out College dorm rooms aren't quite big enough to fit one of these bad boys (I held back on the "I told you so")