June 2016

June 2016


Winter Fashion Show 2009

Trevor was a model for the John Glenn Middle School Fashion Show. Watch out ladies!


Holiday Hoobie Whatie?

The Month of December started off with an incredible Ward Christmas Bruch. Devin was asked to be Santa's Elf for the afternoon. He did such a great job he was also hired to make an appearance at someones family Christmas Party. Priceless!
The girls both displayed their colorguard skills at the Tamale Festival Parade and their Christmas concert later in the month. The color guard Team was a little close together while twirling their flags...long story short, Savannah left with a bump on her head. Most of her evening was spent holding ice on her head. Priceless!

We also had our annual Hampton Christmas Dinner at the Davis'. The Navitiy Story keeps getting better and better as cousins grow up and new baby cousins are added to the mix. Priceless!

There is no doubt that December 2008 came and went faster than any of us could blink. Each of the kids are sure to remind Gerald and I of our family traditions in making sure that we experience them every single year. Even though the traditions are the same, every year their is a little different twist to them as we grow and change as a family. Priceless!