June 2016

June 2016


Picture France From Inside A Mini Cooper

We've walked all of Monaco that could possibly be walked and decided that since they only show movies in French we would spend our fifth day in Monaco inside a Mini Cooper driving to Canes, France. The inside of the Cooper was a little cramped and we were unable to get actual footage so I will paint a mental picture for you. A Mini Cooper isn't the most ideal vehicle for 3 full grown Americans especially one being 6'3". Our 4 passanger vehicle quickly turned to 3 passanger after Troy was uninimusly voted chofure for the day and moved his seat into driving position. I was given the front passanger seat after having a closterfobic spazz attach in the back and Sarah graciously shared what was left of the back seat with Devin while we went on our way. Due to the driving conditions here most vehicles are either missing their side mirrors or they are somewhat damaged. Let's just say the larger vehicle on the street always has the right of way and most streets look the size of a side walk.
While starting on our adventure Troy felt it was best to follow a local driver. I'm pretty sure we made it to the highest point overlooking Monaco. Despite the rain, it was a beautiful view and we continued on to Canes. Canes is well known for their film festivlas (so we hear). This particular day it was full of cold wind and alot of rain. Needless to say, we found some great shops and a dry warm pizzaria to have lunch. After being "Cooped" up for long enough and being unable to find a Starbucks for hot chocolate or carmel apple cider we retired to our rooms for another 6 hour nap thus ending our day. We're headed to Italy tomorrow for shopping and hopefully no rain...


Monaco, Monte Carlo

It only took 15 hours of travel time and Devin and I ended up half way around the world! We are in Monaco which lies between France and Italy right on the Mediteranean Sea. After surviving a long day of travel and two days of rain we are finding ourselves right at home here in Monaco loving the food, the language and the scenery. I'd have to say the highlight of the trip so far has been simply walking the streets and enjoying the architectual beauty of the city. Everywhere you turn there is something that catches the eye and leaves you in awe of what was created hundreds of years ago.


Grandpa and Grandma's Spooky Homecoming

Grandma and Grandpa Hampton are home and we welcomed them with hugs and scary costumes. We had the job of keeping them away from home so the Halloween party could be a surprise (easier said than done...) We actually did it! Hal and Shela hopped in our car and upon returning from the Micheal Jackson movie...they were surprised with a house full of goblins. We are happy they chose to serve a mission but are also glad to have them back home.



How often to you get to witness a 0-0 football game with only 2 minutes 35 seconds in the 4th quarter. Both teams were evenly matched and played outstanding football. With a few minutes to go in the 4th, and Indio on their 2 yard line, our defense held them from scoring. However, this put us on their 2 yard line with the ball. Our fears were a reality when we fumbled the ball and they got a saftey putting 2 points on the score board. We got the ball back with 20 seconds to go and Trevor threw the most beautiful pass for an 85 yard play and touch down... the sidelines went absolutely crazy!!! We won the game...It's games with this kind of intensity and victory that make the months of hard work and sweat pay off.

2009 LQHS - Water Polo Season

Growth..Hard Work...Determination...Huge imporvement...Endurance
Just a few words to describe this years Water polo season.
Devin is growing as a player taking from each game what he can to make the next a little better.


The Finished Product

The chicken coop and chicken run are 100% complete! Devin is happy and more importantly... the chickens are happy too.


Terrapins Swim Team

Natalie and Savannah have joined the Terrapins Swim Team!

Devin's got lots of chicks!

Devin spent the summer getting ready for his new chicks. What this really entailed was building a chicken coop. On September 03, 2009 we received a call from the post office that Devin's 26 baby chicks had arrived. Since then, we've all had fun watching these adorable little fluffy birds eat, sleep, chirp and grow at such a rapid pace it's crazy! We've already moved them from their temporary home to the actual coop. We are all looking forward to fresh eggs this winter and Devin will be starting his own egg business for some pocket money and hopefully he'll be making enough to put some away for his mission. Anyone want fresh eggs?


Summer Vacation Highlights

June 20th - 27th
Summer vacation started out with Devin going to Big Bear as a youth camp counselor for YMCA Camp Oaks. He came back with a new understanding of just how much patience it takes to keep 8, 9, and 10 year old children in line. He also is thinking about writing a book..."Impromptu Bedtime Stories" (guaranteed to put your kids to sleep). He found that bribery works very well and candy is a definate motivator.
July 4th Weekend
Indepence Weekend started off with our Aunt Sarah's baptism. Awesome experience for us all. We couldn't be more excited for Troy & Sarah and their beautiful family. We BBQ'd and enjoyed the Water Park Oasis in their backyard. Fourth of July ended in Big Bear where we met Grandpa and Grandma Hampton for a boat ride on the lake watching the most amazing fireworks ever!
Water Polo Camp
Natalie and Savannah participated in a water polo camp at LaQuinta High School and Devin helped coach the program. What a blast! The kids formed teams, played games, kept cool and had a great time learning the game.
July 10th - 17th
Trevor was asked by the Desert City Slugger to accompany their team to Cooperstown, NY and play baseball. Gerald also went as a coach to experience Cooperstown Village once again. The team went 7-1 loosing in the semi final game. They ended up placing 4th out if 24 teams.
July 13th - 18th
Devin attended Especialy for Youth @ BYU. He was able to attend with 3 of his cousins who live in Utah. Nathan, Erica, Samantha and Devin had an incredible time together. The boys ate cold cereal 3 meals a day. They both commented on "The Cereal Wall" that saved their lives because the food was so bad. On the flip side, the girls swear they gained 5 pounds from all the great food their cafeteria had to offer. Food aside, they came home uplifted and inspired having had an amazing experience.
July 15th
Natalie, Savannah and Aunt Lynelle made my birthday extra special this year. I had a fun lunch date with sisters in Salt Lake and shopping at Nordstrom Rack.
July 19th - 21st
The Gibb Family Reunion started with church in Brigham City. Josh spoke in his ward after returning from his mission in Monterey, Mexico. Monday the family hiked to Timpanogos Caves. Tuesday we went on a bike ride through Provo Canyon and BBQ'd. The kids had tons of fun at Grandpa and Grandma Gibb's house using the new zip line in their back yard from the tree house.
July 29th - August 2nd
Our baseball season ended with a great weekend enjoying the cool weather in San Diego. The team battled back making it to the championship game. We ended up loosing in the championship game... it was heart breaking. Looking back, it was a great season of growth and accomplishment as a whole.
Gerald and Trevor have already transitioned into football crazy as it sounds. The month of August will be spent conditioning and getting ready for games that begin in September. Devin also starts his Water Polo conditioning with the High School in hopes for a position on the varsity team. We will all do our best to endure the rest of the hot summer in hopes for early Fall weather (if we could only be so lucky).


Father's Day...40th...Championship

It was a very happening Fathers Day weekend this year. Along with it being Dad's Day, it was Gerald's 40th birthday. He received some great gifts from the players that will be used in the near future(reading glasses, denture powder and cream, self portrait of a 90 year old coach, nerf football). To top off the weekend, Trevor's team won the championship game ranking Team STC 1st in USSSA Baseball - AAA Division. Lots of laughs, good freinds, nice weather, championship game victory...One Great Weekend!

08-09 School Year Ends

It's hard to believe another school year has ended. We were blessed with beautiful 80 degree weather the last few weeks of school making end of the year activities much more enjoyable this year.
Savannah received student of the month ending the second grade just like she had hoped for. She also loved their second grade water day which consisted of blowing bubbles, side walk chalk, cleaning desks with shaving cream and ending in the fire department coming to the school and spraying their fire hose over the school yard while the kids ran and played under the downpour.

Natalie ended her school year with an outstanding power point presentation in front of the school and parents. The 5th graders were all required to pick a topic of conflict that was of interests to them, research the topic and come up with a way they could make a difference and help in their community. Natalie chose "Homelessness" and her group sold waters at the school to help raise funds for the local Coachella Valley Rescue Mission. We all celebrated in her moving on to Middle School and she was surprised to also be awarded the Presidents Academic Award in her class.

Trevor got involved with the campus beautification for John Glenn Middle School this year. We were able to help in donating some trees for the campus.

Devin survived his frosh year at LaQuinta High. He decided to throw a party in celebration of this... "La fiesta Del Fuego". Everyone who came to the party was required to bring notebooks, tests, papers etc. to burn in a bon fire bidding good riddens to their Freshman year.


Gramma B's 99th Birthday

For Gramma B's 99th birthday this year a handful of the family made a last minute trip to Montana. Our trip happened to be 2 days after a major storm. It was beautiful weather with lots of snow on the ground accented by sunny skies. The highlight of our trip was without a doubt, seeing Gramma B's face when we surprised her unannounced during lunch at her home. She was able to meet Harley (Troy's son) and Preston (Trina's son) for the first time which was priceless. She is still as strong willed and determined as ever and has her outfit and earings already picked out for next years 100th. Devin was able to play on stage at the Orpheum Theater in Conrad, Montana. Take a look it was so cool!


April Updates

The month of April started off with the annual Spring Break Vacation with Grandpa and Grandma Hampton (grandkids 10 years and up). They set sail from San Diego on April 2nd, destination was Encinata, Mexico. This year there was a total of 7 grandkids that qualified for the trip three of which were Devin, Trevor and Natalie. Everyone came home with great stories to share. The kids really look forward to this trip with their Grandparents and cousins and are so fortunate to have Grandparents that extend this annual invite. Our actual Spring Break was very low key and relaxing with an overnight trip to Trina's house and Laguna Beach.

Easter Eggs turned out extra unique this year. Hailey, Harley and Aunt Sarah joined in the fun and the evening ended in a much needed bubble bath. The Easter Eggg Hunt was a little extra exciting too. By the time all the eggs were hidden the kids were finding eggs at dusk and into the dark. It was a challenge for sure!

The month couldn't have ended any better that with Devin getting a clean bill of health from the Neurologist and getting his neck brace off after 8 weeks on 4/27/09. After taking the brace off Devin described the feeling as this, "Like an orange on top of a toothpick".


Second Grade Salad Bar

Savannah's second grade class has been growing a garden this year. The class was able to enjoy a salad bar with the fresh produce they picked from their garden. Check out their green thumbs!


Smooth Sailing Waters

It was the sweetest sound to hear the piano being played the morning after Devin came home from the hospital. I could not have felt more gratitude in my heart at that very moment. We are really enjoying the calm waters all around us right now. Devin is doing fantastic and has been back to school for a full week now. He is healing incredibly fast and rarely needs any pain medicine. With youth on his side and a very strong will, his life and routine are quickly returning to normal. We see the Neuro Surgeon on April 13th and will possibly get his neck brace off. Devin is a walking miracle and we count our blessings as a family everyday. Thank you again and again for the prayers and oodles of support that are directed our way.


He's coming home!!!

Just 57 1/2 hours after breaking his neck, Devin is coming home. Thanks again for the many phone calls, text messages, food, cards and visitors. Rest assured that Devin will be getting his rest the next few days. If you'd like to send him an email directly feel free to do so. devinhampton19@gmail.com


Broken Neck and Broken Hearts

It just doesn't feel right going to bed tonight without summing up and sharing the last 30 hours which feels more like 30 days. There has been an overflowing amount of love and prayers directed our way since finding out that Devin had in fact broken his neck on February 29th,2009 at aprox. 11:30 am. As a result, Devin is sitting up in his hopsital bed tonight eating terrible hospital food, but thanking the Lord that he is eating, breathing and moving his fingers and toes. We actually have video footage of Devin breaking his neck and he is excited to have everyone share in his experience.
We are very tired tonight but will sleep sound knowing that our eldest son is with us and on his way to a full recovery. Given the circumstances, his sergury went perfectly! They fused C5 which had been shattered and bolted C4, C5, and C6 together due to the torn ligaments also found in his neck. It looks like Devin will be in the hospital for about 3 days and will come home from there with a neck brace for another 6 weeks or so. We wanted you all to see him in action during his stay in the Emergency Room at Loma Linda Hospital. This video clip shows Devin singing the rap he made up during his MRI. Doctors and nurses came from everywhere to hear him sing his song. He continues to win the hearts of everyone he comes in contact with and is truly an amazing kid...
I forgot to turn off the camera and kept recording for awhile. The conversation is pretty funny if you keep listening..oopps!


Savannah's Baptism

As Savannah so perfectly put it, "It's and honor." As we all gathered in a circle at our home she thanked all her freinds and family for coming to her Baptism. It really is an honor to have such great family and freinds in our lives. Everyday we look around us we realize how blessed we are.