June 2016

June 2016


My Boys Of Fall

There is something about the Fall...I have to admit the desert's warm weather confuses my Pacific Northwest senses a bit.  However, the cool mornings and evenings are welcome and nothings beats the view of the mountains just after the sun sets.  They turn a deep dark purple and the sun behind them radiates a glow of pink, orange, purple and blue.  This best describes my view just after half time as I'm watching the sun go down at Blackhawk football game.  

The view at a water polo game is much, much different.  Quite a few less clothes are worn which is really amazing because this sport is just as rough if not more so than football.  Their practices are tough.  In fact, the football coaches have been known to send their players to the pool to get in "real shape".  As you can imagine, this poses to be a good discussion around our household. 

Bottom line...The Boys of Fall are strong, dedicated, focused and love what they do whether it be in the pool or on the field.