June 2016

June 2016


All Around Amazing

Celebrating "Sweet 16" and a call to serve in Salta, Argentina was grounds for an all around amazing weekend! Natalie does not require much to make her happy nor does she ask much of anyone around her. That's what makes spotlighting her and celebrating her birth day so special. Our family has never been one for throwing big birthday parties. It's not that they aren't important, I just tend to gravitate towards more intimate celebrations, where one on one quality time can be spent. I hope the kids caught on to my theory...instead of feeling neglected all these years! It was fun to mix things up a bit this year and celebrate big for Natalie's "Sweet 16". Grandpa Gibb and the Fox family were here for the weekend and Tyler ended the evening with an amazing piano concert. Simply put, it was magical and the magic continued on to Sunday morning. Devin gave his farewell talk with such confidence and conviction! He talked about trusting in The Lord and how important it is for each of us to be a well sharpened tool ready to help our Heavenly Father with his work. It was as if time stood still for the 20 minutes Devin spoke. The meeting was full of support from friends and family and there was a special reverence felt through the silence as we each listened to his every word. It was a beautiful weekend in all aspects. One that will be remembered forever!


T-Sizzle just getting it

YO YO YO...... I started my raping career today. We started rapping follow the prophet. We sent them to Devin's girlfriend that's on a mission. 
My life be like ooooo awwwww ooooo awwwww!!! 
My family is the best! 
Natalie and my moms farts smell like old people farts💨🙊
My family loves me so so much and I love them! 

Ps: my mom eats like a billy goat! 

Utah Day #2

     Today we went to the Saturday AM session of conference.  The talks were great for Devin, Trevor, Natalie, and I because a big focus was on the youth.  

       Later today we went to Audri's house and enjoyed time with the girls while the boys were at the priesthood session.  We enjoyed time laughing and stuffing our faces with dessert. ( Not needed after our huge dinner) The get together was mainly for people to day Hi and Bye to Devin before he leaves on his mission.  It was a super fun day. 



Utah day #1

After slowly rolling out of bed and around 10 am we headed over to Melville farms. Thanks to Sydni we got to go ride horses. It was a little nerve racking but it was fun. Grandma and Grandpa Gibb stopped by to watch us ride. Mom was better than all of us and she did not let us leave the arena without letting all of us know once... or twice. 

Back in indio there isn't much to do, so when we find something fun to do we have to do it. We went to airborne, a trampoline and obstacle course place. Grandma and grandpa came with us and watched us jump and mess around with each other. 

Jaryns, Rachel's, and my birthday are all in April. All three families met up and had a big birthday dinner for the three of us. 

The night consisted of the typical Hampton, Williams kinda night. Staying up late, laughing, and laughing some more at little stories of pranks, memories, and the fun times we have had together. 


Another trip to Utah...

I stopped counting the number of times we've made the trip to Utah. It's funny to hear the kids reflect of the many different memories they have of places we've stopped to eat or sleep, different games played and events that have made an impact and have stuck with them through the years. 
This trip feels a little different for a few reasons. First of all I've yet to be in the drivers seat. It's a completely different view looking at the back of Devin and Trevor's head from the second seat in the Yukon. There's a pretty good chance I may never touch the steering wheel this trip. 

We left Indio at 3:20 am and Devin drove to Las Vegas while the rest of us slept. Trevor took his turn driving to St. George where we stopped to do baptisms for Grandpa Hampton's ancestors the Garner and Barber families. It was such a cool experience as Devin was able to perform the baptisms and do the confirmations. 
More memories being made and new games played as we drive along taking turns singing solos with head phones in our ears with the music turned up as loud as it can go. Snow ball fights during a quick bathroom stop from the only small patch of snow to be found and enjoying some DQ ice cream. This is why we continue to make the trip to Utah!!!
I get tired of being the one to document all these great memories and it's all from my point of view. So to mix things up a bit, we are all going to take turn posting. Yes, this will be very interesting and the only requirement is that Trevor "keep in clean". Here goes nothing!