June 2016

June 2016


Happy Anniversary Gerald!

I asked Gerald at lunch today to give me the first 5 things that popped into his head when he thought of me...

After 21 years of marriage, this is our list to one another

1. Kind
2. Vibrant
3. Fun
4. Earnest
5. Youthful

1. Hardworking
2. Loyal
3. Honest
4. Handsome
5. Persistant

I love the time we share when we are together.  Those moments are far and few these days...maybe that's what makes the time we find for each other so valuable!?!?


Through Eyes of Savannah

 My Family
 By: Savannah Hampton

                My family is such a blessing to me I can’t imagine being in another one as good as the Hamptons’!

 My dad is a wonderful person.  He is always making sure you are doing good things!  I know he would do anything for me!

          My mom is so sweet and kind to me. Sometimes I might get mad and yell at her, but she always helps me relieve my stress.

          Lindsey is my older sister.  She was born too early and her lungs weren’t fully developed so she passed away.

            Devin is my oldest brother.  He is eighteen and is very nice, I look up to him.

          Trevor is my older brother.  He is not the nicest but is a great athlete.  That’s how I look up to him.

Natalie is my sister.  She is nice and a great person.  I also look up to her for her kindness.

          Shrimpy is me! And I love my family!


Guess Who's Behind The Wheel?

It's finally legal!  I'm not going to admit to anything...but Trevor has had a lot of practice driving home on our dirt road.  He's thrilled to be on the open road!

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1 On 1 Time

This weekend was full of activities and not much catching up around the house time.  I look around and get lost in all that needs to be done in the house and outside.  Overwhelming at times, but I've become the master of taking care of what maters most in the moment (dishes are not a priority these days).  Instead of getting caught up on laundry, vacuuming sand off the floors, wiping dusty counter tops and ledges...

Gerald was able to spend the day with the girls and the boys and I spent the day together at Ladder Canyons for Youth Conference. I enjoyed hearing the girls talk about finishing the goat fence, walking the Palm Springs Home Show together and strolling the sidewalks in Palm Springs while trying to agree on a restaurant for lunch.  Savannah described the place as,  "A Spicy Chinese Food Place (Thai Food)".  Gerald loves his girls!

I love my boys just the same...and enjoyed hiking and watching the kids compete in team challenges while learning life lessons about team work, friendship, communication and leadership. Upon returning home, Savannah and I made a game out of doing the dishes that had been sitting in the sink for 2 days . Really couldn't have been a better day...spent just the way as it should have.  Living, loving and enjoying life together!

Funniest comment of the night~
Savannah-When we were walking the Home Show everyone kept telling Natalie how beautiful she was!
Mom- I was thinking the same thing when I saw her tonight.
Savannah - I know! They would be talking to Dad and stop in awe and comment on how gorgeous his daughter was...and then look down at me and say...oh, and you too.

I know this dialogue does not do the conversation justice, but I was on the floor in tears laughing hysterically!  Savannah is such a good sport being the youngest.  Hang in there Shrimpy...it'll all pay off one day!


Amelia Earhart Track Meet

It was a gorgeous day for a track meet...cool crisp morning with blue skies and warmth to be found by standing in the sun shine.  Savannah's been mentally preparing for her elementary track meet for months now.  This also included a few Saturday morning jogs and pep talks from her mother.  Just passing along a few words of advise that helped me some 20 years ago when I was running circles around the track.
With competitive genes coming from both Dad and Mom...this poor kid was born with the "Eye of the Tiger".  Can you hear the music playing in your head?  Savannah took 1st place in the 800 meters and did not place in the long jump.  When walking to the car she was clearly unhappy with her performance in the long jump.  I asked her if she had fun and she replied, "The 800 meters was fun but not the long jump...it's only fun when you win!"  Kinda hard to argue with that...it does feel so much better walk away with 1st place.  Note to self...help Savannah understand competition can be fun even if you don't come in first place
We were able to share the day with our cousins Cambria and Hunter making the day complete!