June 2016

June 2016


Elder Hampton made it to Argentia

Dear Hampton Family,
                We wanted to inform you that your missionary has arrived to our mission, has eaten dinner with us, has been trained, is with his trainer, and today is in his new area. We are very thankful to have him with us, now counting him among the Lord´s messengers. We know that you, like him, will receive great blessings because of his faithful service in this Work.
                We advise you to always send uplifting letters to help him and allow him to stay focused on his mission. When sending packages we advise that you do not let him know you are sending the package, because the missionaries become very anxious and the mail system may delay in sending the package.
                We have a group on facebook where we put photos of the Zone Conferences and other moments where when we have the opportunity to be together. You can access that group by sending a request with the last name of your missionary. The name of the group is Mision Argentina Salta 2011– 2014.
                We appreciate your prayers for this wonderful work of saving the souls of our Heavenly Father.

Elder Hymas|Secretario
       MisiĆ³n Argentina Salta
              o. 0387.439.8119
              c. 0387.594.9900


LQHS 2014 Graduation

Trevor was all thumbs up and smiles at graduation! 

He's ready to start football on June 30th and school in the Fall at Pasadena City College.