June 2016

June 2016


Has anyone seen August?

Not sure where the whole month of August went but I am remembering more with each box I unpack...oh yes, it was spent packing up our home and moving! We sold our chicken/goat/palm tree farm and will be renting a beautiful home closer to the schools and "life" until we decide what our next step will be. Moving went very smooth! We are settled in and loving our new home with a beautiful back yard and swimming pool (something we have really missed as a family for the past 6 years). School is in full swing as well as football season and everyone is pretty darn happy with the school year ahead of them. 

There are a few things that should not go unmentioned that did happen in August and had nothing to do with moving. Devin is working and living with Trina and Todd while he prepares and saves for his mission and we were able to go visit him and have a day at the beach in Corona Del Mar. We always look forward to leaving the Desert heat behind for a quick escape to the beach. Devin took us each snorkeling and some of us got to see schools of baby sharks fairly close to the shore (Savannah was one of the lucky...but not too thrilled). We also made quite the journey WITHOUT SHOES...ACROSS LOTS OF SHARP ROCKS to "Jump Rock"...and that is exactly what we did! Our feet will never be the same but I guess you could say it made our day very memorable.

To top off the weekend, we were able to go to Megan Strickland's missionary farewell. She will be serving Spanish speaking in Nashville, TN and learning the language in Mexico City prior to going to Nashville. Megan and Devin met in San Luis Obispo and have been "special" friends ever since.  Note in the picture that Devin and Megan have matching skirt and tie...go ahead and roll the eyes. I did, but you have to admit...pretty darn creative and cute!