June 2016

June 2016


Almost forgot Halloween...

We may not have carved pumpkins this year, but Halloween did still manage to come.
Savannah rocked the hippie costume! 


Lancer Season Ends

Trevor's 2014 football season ended with a lively crowd in the stands cheering him on. Family from Idaho, Utah and Arizona were all there to support! Savannah said it best while driving in the car on the way to the game. "I really like how supportive our family is!" I couldn't agree with her more and to tell you the truth it brought unexpected tears to my eyes on Sunday evening when reflecting on the weekend. We are so fortunate to have both sides of the family that love and support one another through it all. Family that is willing to pull an all nighter just to play at the beach for the afternoon and catch a football game... only to get back in the car and drive home!  

FAMILY ~ We may not have it all together...But together we have it all!


 Trevor's second to last game was in Santa Maria, CA. We've been fortunate enough to attend all of his games this season and it was definitely in our favor this weekend! While driving to the game on Saturday we went through quite a bit of rain making Sunday the most beautiful Fall day ever and having Trevor with us was an added bonus. Outdoor adventures and picking berries off the vine in the fresh cool air had each of us appreciating Gods creations at their finest!

Yes...Gerald is inside the porta-potty!