June 2016

June 2016


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Great things come in small packages

Savannah (also known as fish bait or little shrimp around the house) had her first flag football game this week. She is playing corner back for her elementary school and having loads of fun despite the fact that there are only 3 girls on the team out of 31 players. This does not discourage or intimidate Savannah in any way. In fact, it probably puts fuel on the fire and motivates her to be even better.

Natalie and I had fun watching Savannah and her teammates defeat the Lions 18-12. I have to admit...I was getting a little frustrated at the number of missed tackles she had and was relieved Gerald wasn't able to make this particular game knowing his patience level is much different than mine. In me heart, I felt she could have done better!

At the close of the game the cheerleaders formed a victory tunnel for the players and the game wouldn't be complete without snacks right? All of this fluff for a elementary flag football game! I was done and ready to move on to the next thing on my to do list. Coaches gathered their players together for a pep talk and then I find out that after each game, the coaches award a offense and defense player of the game. Another 15 - 20 minutes for sure!

Through the years, I have learned the art of breathing deep through my nose and exhaling long and hard through my mouth. Somehow this helps get rid of those negative comments and thoughts that come out at the worst of times. I was actually counting how many games we had left, trying to make sense of why we were doing this.

As I approached the huddle to hear what the coaches had to say, I was impressed by their positive comments and how they really built the kids up. The offensive player was awarded a football and then the coach began talking about the defensive player. She commented on how important it was for each player to to their part and if they did their part the team as a whole would be successfully. The defensive player of the game was Savannah! The coach went on to compliment Savannah on how well she played her position and was always in the right place at the right time. "A great defensive player is not determined by how many flags they pull, it is about playing the position correctly and being ready".

I was reminded this week by a elementary school P.E. teacher that I need to be a better cheerleader! I need to do a better job living in the now and learning the lessons that are being taught around me and my children during our every day lives.

Thank you Savannah for reminding all of us daily that great things do come in small packages!