June 2016

June 2016



 Natalie has had a great season playing Junior Varsity as a starter for LQHS
Savannah is not easily intimidated during a scrimmage against Palm Springs High School boys.  


Happy Birthday Savannah

A fun afternoon spent with giggles, golf cart rides and goats.  Pretty amazing what can keep girls happy. That evening, the girls bundled up and went ice skating. Savannah has said on many occasion how she loves these two and the special things about them individually.  She's a no nonsense tell it how it is kind of girl and really appreciates when she finds a friend that can be honest right back. Happy Birthday Savannah...you make our family complete and brighten the lives of everyone around you!



The girls really like bringing to life their favorite reality t.v. shows...one of their favorite being "Chopped".  Emma Briedenbach and Savannah have pretty well mastered the art of cooking something delicious with 2 random ingredients and judging the event is always a treat!