June 2016

June 2016


October 2010

Devin started his physical therapy. Snap... crackle... pop...is what his body is saying! He is happy to be free of the "turtle shell" and has started driving again. After breaking his back in July and realizing his water polo season would be shot...Devin decided to try out for the fall play, "Noises Off". There are only 9 cast member in the whole play and he's one of them! It is a cast of all Seniors except of course himself, the only Junior in the cast. They perform November 19, 20, 21.

Trevor's freshman football team is having a great year. They are currently 5-1 and with 62 boys on the team roster he is learning how to fight for his possession on the team. The results from his weight lifting class this year are showing as we watch his shoulders broaden and his muscles thicken. He has such a good attitude about waking up every morning for seminary and looks forward to Tuesday morning breakfast at Panera with seminary friends.

Natalie is really enjoying her advanced art class this year and has decided to be a lady bug for Halloween. 7th grade is agreeing with her as she grows and develops as a person a little more each day. She has taken a huge interest in eating healthy and really feels good! Natalie and Savannah have such a sweet relationship! I guess they have what you would call a good "check and balance" system going...Savannah is constantly checking and Natalie balances everything out...Thanks Natalie!

Savannah is still trying to figure out if her 4th grade teacher Mrs. Houx likes her or not. She has been in trouble a few times for talking in class and is constantly striving to show her teacher that she is a good student! We have talked on many occasions about different personalities and how to get along with each of their differences. She is a perfectionist and has a strong desire to not only succeed but be the best! She is currently working on entering a contest to have her drawing picked for the cover of this years school yearbook.
We made another quick trip to Utah towards the end of September to be with my sister Audri for her wedding. The youngest of 12 in my family got hitched! Congratulations Jeff and Audri Longman!