June 2016

June 2016


Savannah's Baptism

As Savannah so perfectly put it, "It's and honor." As we all gathered in a circle at our home she thanked all her freinds and family for coming to her Baptism. It really is an honor to have such great family and freinds in our lives. Everyday we look around us we realize how blessed we are.


Team S.T.C.

Trevor's baseball team took second place in this photo and two weekends later won a championship!

Devin's 15th Birthday

We tried to suprise Devin with a few of his good freinds at Red Robin after Water Polo and we found out that he is just like every Hampton male...impossible to suprise! Take note the female to male ration in this birthday photo. Devin's freind Matthew was in charge of inviting Devin's freinds.