June 2016

June 2016


PDLQ Takes 1st Place in Cheer Competition

Savannah's Cheer Competition was extremely successful this year. The many weeks of dedication to practices paid off in a first place finish for her competition squad.



Feeling Great in Fall of '08

For those of you that are from the Desert... you know how we look forward to our second of the two seasons we are graced with. There is our Summer season that we endure for about 4 - 5 months and then a mix of beautiful Fall and Spring for the the other 7 - 8 months of the year. We are now experiencing the weather that most would describe as "A little bit of heaven". Football, cheer, and water polo seasons are coming to an end. We are always glad to have a little more time back in our schedules but at the same time are sad to see the seasons come to an end.
Devin had a very successful Water Polo season joining the J.V. Team at the last minute. His great swimming abilities and competitive nature was an asset to the team and he will continue to swim year round as he hopes to secure a spot on Varsity as a Sophomore next year! Devin never ceases to amaze those around him with his determination and 100% attitude in everything he does. His Halloween costume this year was evidence of that. Devin also leaves for a weekend trip to Northern California for the start of his Youth and Government training and elections this Winter. It is the first of three trip that give the Youth the opportunity to learn and actually run the government in Sacramento this February.

Trevor continues to excel as quarterback and linebacker for his football team. They have advanced to the playoffs and will continue their season until they lose. Savannah lives to cheer for her brothers games. She really does love it and as the yougest on her squad has no problem getting the crowd fired up! She will have cheer competion in a few weeks and is working hard with her team to fine tune their routine for a hopefull 1st place!

Natalie was able to attend science camp with her 5th grade class and had story after story to share upon her return. She is participating in colorguard with her elementary school along with Savannah and they will march in a few parades this Winter. Her 5th grade teacher Mr. Macro took on the challenging craft of plaster masks this Halloween. What a memory!