June 2016

June 2016


Marching Right Along

Three months left in the school year and we are each marching right along to the beat of our own drums!
Savannah stays positive as her group of friends continues to change and she finds out what real friends are made of. We've never experienced "girl drama" like this before and I pray it does not follow her to High School next year. Yuk!!!!

Natalie lost in the first round of CIF Playoffs. It was a good season and she's already back in the pool with the Piranhas club team making goals for next years success! She enjoyed a week of relaxing after school with a little extra time but has her creative juices flowing trying to find ways to make money. She is driven to earn a 4.0 GPA and is on track to accomplish just that! 

Trevor has started perusing a dream he and his cousin JD share which entails clothing by the name,  "Inspired Naturally". He has almost completed his first year of college and is trying to figure out his next big step in life. We don't see him much as the beach is tempting and any extra time he has is spent towards making his and JD's dream a reality.

We just heard from Devin that he will be transferred out of the Mission Office in a few weeks after serving there for over 8 months. He is busy training his replacement and I'm sure is excited about the adventures that lie ahead!

Gerald keeps building onto our farm in Sky Valley. Our original chicken coop was resurrected last weekend! It was so good to see it standing in piece ready to house 24 new baby chickens soon. We also have 6 turkeys and have recently purchased 2 Red Waddle Guilts and 1 Red Waddle Boar. Things are getting exciting!