June 2016

June 2016



Natalie not only modeled but designed and made this dress for her 8th grade Advanced Art Project. This was quite an en devour for the two of us.  First of all, I was her sewing teacher and my 25 year old sewing machine was her sewing tool.  Need I say more?   We did it... and she was BEAUTIFUL!
Seven great friends and a fun afternoon together.  I have to admit...my favorite part of this whole birthday party was listening to their dinner conversation.  They each shared their most embarrassing moment and were laughing hysterically together.  Happy Birthday Savannah!
Eighteen years old and ready to take on the world.  The month of January has been busy and very eventful for this LQHS Senior.  
 Two years old to eighteen, in the blink of an eye...where did they all go and how is it possible for them to disappear so quickly? It is such a reminder to enjoy every step of the way and every minute of the day.


Eagle Scout

Eagle's Nest

Miles away from home to a place of thorns and thistles, 
Gone for a purpose to be gained for Father’s glory.
I hear my Homeland guiding me from all the whistles
‘Til I am with the Wings that kept when I was weary.

From a distance, its Voice calls for the depths of my soul

While all the angels in their songs keep me uplifted

In thoughts of grace through the times and seasons as they roll, 
And in merry stanzas of what Inspiration said.

To soar above storms when strength flies with me in the air

Until on the Rock a rainbow says it is done

After all past memories to face a new affair
Then say to my spirit that I will always go on.

I take wing for love and life as I cleave to the Heart

That carved and gave this world to me then guided the way.

Now all I have inside is the mission of my part
As I keep soaring above all forms of life and clay.

No reason to look back or to be selfish in this

For there is a reward waiting me after the quest.

In the everlasting skies, there is a golden bliss
Where I will be ever found glad in the Eagle’s Nest.

 by Prince Obed de la Cruz


Why so early?

5:30 am came entirely too soon this morning!  Devin tried telling me that they had cancelled Seminary for the week and I really wanted desperately to believe him... but I knew otherwise.  I think I look for excuses, even more so than the kids as to why there might not be seminary.  I know in my heart there are rewards for those that make the sacrifice to get up early every morning and study the scriptures. However, I just can't help but ask why...why does it have to be so early?  I have so enjoyed my Christmas Break with evenings spent staying up late watching movies by a warm fire. Even better is slipping into bed late at night knowing there is no alarm to set.  Here's to a New Year and to many more years of setting alarms!