June 2016

June 2016


Twas the day before Christmas

Oh my! Can it be Christmas Eve day already? It's been such a great month...really impossible to try and back track and recapture all of it so I guess highlights will have to do.  I think taking our Christmas Card photo would have to be number one on my list.  Picture a stack of greasy old railroad ties, kids in bare feet, chickens running around, a goat jumping over the top of the family, a pile of weeds in Gerald's pocket, chicken feed on top of Savannah's head, Gerald's gruff demanding voice,  Savannah's sweet little 9 year old friend Emma behind the camera and lots and lots of laughter!  This is our life in a nutshell...quite comical everyday!  The key ingredient to it all is laughter...lots and lots if it.  Can't get enough of it...it feels good, looks good, and is magic to my ears.
Second on the list, but none less comical than our family picture was Devin's water polo banquet.  It was a beautiful afternoon on the pool deck eating carne asada and laughing hysterically while watching the water polo team play a game of inter tube water polo against their fathers.  Again...lots and lots of laughter. Final score was LQHS Team 8 - Old Guys 7  
Devin was honored as one of three Seniors this year.  

The last highlight of the month actually happened at the very end of November.  We took a final trip to our condo in San Felipe.  It wasn't our normal Mexico get-a-way, being that we have sold our condo and had to move everything back.  Upon arriving at 2am in the morning, we found that there was no water or electricity working and to top it off...no clean sheets on the beds!  Gerald managed to get the water working and with flashlights in hand we founds pillows and blankets and a soft place to sleep.  The weekend was busy selling and packing and moving but we did manage to find time for a walk on the beach picking up sand dollars and a good old fashioned game of football.  It was sweet to hear the kids all talk about each of their memories throughout the years in San Felipe.  Again, lots of laughter...
Laughter really is the best medicine of all!


Dad really is boss...

So, I have to admitt...I've gotten a little used to making all the decisions around here lately! Gerald has been so busy the last few years making things happen everyday that I have assumed the role of making all the decisions for our family and kinda telling him how it is. It's my way of relieving him of having to think about one more thing in his busy day or maybe I am still rationalizing why. Anyhow, I was quite offended last night when Gerald came out and told me what our Saturday would consist of.  He most definitively did not realize I already had the day figured out and he didn't even have the courtesy to talk with me before making his plans!

Silly me...when I stepped back from the little picture to take a look at the big one, I realized I was simply getting a taste of my own medicine!  So here it is...Gerald, thank you for wanting to spend your Saturday with me and your four children.  You reminded me last night of one of the many reasons I fell in love with you ...you have a keen way of knowing what I need and an even keener way of always get what you want... I Love You!