June 2016

June 2016


We are in the middle of California State Testing in all of the schools right now. Savannah recaps every day with me when she gets in the car after school. We discuss how many questions she feels she got wrong that day. Her school work is so important to her... it drives me a little bit crazy at times I must admit. But really, how can I fault her for that?

We had a great Easter this year being surrounded by Hampton Family. Natalie has been experimenting with cup cake decorating and having fun with it. My only requirement when making the cupcakes is that she have someone in mind to give them to so we don't all turn into cupcakes from over consumption!

Just few more weeks of baseball and softball and the last day of school in June 9th. This school year had flown by! I am still trying to figure out how to slow it all down...nothing I have tried has worked thus far. I did manage to get a great picture of Trevor smiling though. That is a feat in itself!

Devin's chicks were asked to help prop an Easter photo shoot. It was a really fun morning and Devin got some great pictures with his chickens. He has started delivering pizzas until hired to lifeguard for the summer. We are loving this time of year as the weather is perfect!

Ensenada Cruise Spring 2011


San Felipe

The kids left for their annual Spring Break Trip with Grandma and Grandpa Hampton and Gerald and I were able to escape to our San Felipe Condo to celebrate our anniversary! It was a great trip and wouldn't have been complete without fresh pina colada's on the beach...yes...made out of the back of an old Ford! You gotta love Mexico! We had a great time relaxing on the beach and laughing at all the white bodies that were turing shades of red from too much sun. To our suprise, when we got back to the condo and we were also a pair of those white beach bodies that had turned a bright shade of red. We decided that we really don't do a very good job taking care of eachother without the kids around...even after 20 years of marriage.


Happy 20th Anniversary Gerald

G -Good looking E -Extreme in Everything R -Resolute A-Active L -Leader D -Devoted Father

Baseball & Softball

The month of March has been jam packed full of ball games. If we are not watching Savannah play softball we are watching Trevor play baseball and for Gerald there is no break because he is coaching both! He's getting pretty good at doing a uniform change in his truck on his way to the next field and I am getting pretty darn good at cracking and spitting sunflower seeds. I really do love this time of year! It is the cutest thing to hear Trevor talk to Savannah about the game and what she can do to improve. They both play the position of catcher so Trevor is full of pointers. They also have the same coach in common which comes with pro's and con's that can be shared amongst eachother. Preston came to one of Savannah's games and loved it. I think he was more excited about sitting in the dug out with the girls and chanting the softball cheers than anything. As soon as the game was over he couldn't get on the field fast enough to run the bases.