June 2016

June 2016


Life is Good

There are lots of great things to focus on at this time in our lives.  As challenging as it may be at times to raise teenagers, it really is a great phase in life as we watch our children grow, become teenagers and develop into young adults.  The days are very busy and we all seem to be going different directions as we do and accomplish great things every day.  I'd have to say my favorite time of day is when everyone finds their way back home.  This happens in stages...the girls and I are the first to get home and they are always on task doing their home work and quickly make their way out to the goats (we added 2 goats to our family the end of August).  I really cherish their ages...probably more than I did with the boys because I now realize how quickly my role as a mother changes once High School begins.  I really love the time the girls and I have together without any "men" around the house.  The dynamics of the house change drastically when that testosterone enters the room especially after tough football and water polo workouts! 

Trevor and Gerald are usually the second to come home.  The smell of football is evident as they both enter the house.  Gerald is an Asst.Coach for the LQHS Freshman Football team again this year and Trevor is playing JV.  As Gerald disappears to his office to finish up some end of the day emails and scheduling, Trevor wastes no time finding something cold to drink and surveys our dinner plans.  He is always very honest about whether it's to his liking or not (thank you Trevor for always being so honest).  Believe it or not... even after practicing for 2 hours... Trevor is always trying to pull together a family football or baseball scrimmage before the sun goes down.

Devin stumbles into the house third with blood shot eyes from a combination of chlorine and lack of sleep. His hair is gradually turning a brassy shade of brunette which gets lighter and longer every day.  After 3 1/2 hours of water polo practice his step is a little less peppy and it's very evident he's happy to be home and finally let down for the evening or at least until he gears back up to do homework.  He's happiest when dinner is a high carb meal and we are all amazed at the amount of food he can eat in one sitting. 

Gradually throughout the evening every ones day unravels in bits and pieces of conversation between one another.  Sounds of laughter...thoughts and suggestions...feet up on the couch...icing soar muscles...last but not least...family prayer.  The perfect way to end any kind of day~