June 2016

June 2016


Metal Mouth!!!

Devin had braces put on August 27th.
Here's the before and after...

Lake Mead '08

Labor Day Weekend At The Lake '08

We ended our Summer @ Lake Mead over Labor Day Weekend. It was our one and only boat trip this whole summer. We are feeling the effects of our children growing older and their schedules dictating more and more of our family outings. Nevertheless, it was a weekend never to be forgotten (to say the least)! We enjoyed Las Vegas, cool water, and a beautiful suite @ The Mirage (thanks to our Uncle Troy who always pulls through for us).

We are back in full swing with school, football, cheer, piano, and early morning seminary for Devin this year. Kids are tired when the sun goes down and we all sleep extremely hard until right before the sun comes up, just in time to do it all over again. A good friend of ours said, "Everyday is a good day when you're sucking oxygen". We are sucking lots of oxygen and extremely happy about that. We also realize that no matter how hectic life gets or what problems come our way, we can build upon the strengths of everyone around us and become our own person. Isn't Life great?