June 2016

June 2016



Upon arriving at the school for my normal daily pick-ups...I was eagerly kidnapped by Tori and Devin. With smirks on their faces it was evident they had different plans for me. I was first delivered to the nail salon for a much needed pedicure and was told there would be someone arriving to deliver me to my next destination. Second on the agenda was a 60 minute massage. My vehicle was left in the parking lot with a note to drive home. Upon arrival the table was set and dinner cooking for Gerald and I to enjoy while the kids disappeared for the evening. What a great Mother's Day!

Food for Thought

Savannah - "Don't you think it's so wierd how the clock ticks and the world just happens?" "The Earth keeps rotating around the sun and we just keep going on and on?" " I may be thinking some things and there are lots of people thinking all kinds of different things..."
Jessica - "Pretty hard to deny that God is real and has made all of this possible"
Savannah - " I know, that's just what I was thinking"
Savannah - "Walmart won't ever run out of business...there are alot of people that go there!"
This is an example of how my days start with Savannah.