June 2016

June 2016


Second Grade Salad Bar

Savannah's second grade class has been growing a garden this year. The class was able to enjoy a salad bar with the fresh produce they picked from their garden. Check out their green thumbs!


Smooth Sailing Waters

It was the sweetest sound to hear the piano being played the morning after Devin came home from the hospital. I could not have felt more gratitude in my heart at that very moment. We are really enjoying the calm waters all around us right now. Devin is doing fantastic and has been back to school for a full week now. He is healing incredibly fast and rarely needs any pain medicine. With youth on his side and a very strong will, his life and routine are quickly returning to normal. We see the Neuro Surgeon on April 13th and will possibly get his neck brace off. Devin is a walking miracle and we count our blessings as a family everyday. Thank you again and again for the prayers and oodles of support that are directed our way.


He's coming home!!!

Just 57 1/2 hours after breaking his neck, Devin is coming home. Thanks again for the many phone calls, text messages, food, cards and visitors. Rest assured that Devin will be getting his rest the next few days. If you'd like to send him an email directly feel free to do so. devinhampton19@gmail.com


Broken Neck and Broken Hearts

It just doesn't feel right going to bed tonight without summing up and sharing the last 30 hours which feels more like 30 days. There has been an overflowing amount of love and prayers directed our way since finding out that Devin had in fact broken his neck on February 29th,2009 at aprox. 11:30 am. As a result, Devin is sitting up in his hopsital bed tonight eating terrible hospital food, but thanking the Lord that he is eating, breathing and moving his fingers and toes. We actually have video footage of Devin breaking his neck and he is excited to have everyone share in his experience.
We are very tired tonight but will sleep sound knowing that our eldest son is with us and on his way to a full recovery. Given the circumstances, his sergury went perfectly! They fused C5 which had been shattered and bolted C4, C5, and C6 together due to the torn ligaments also found in his neck. It looks like Devin will be in the hospital for about 3 days and will come home from there with a neck brace for another 6 weeks or so. We wanted you all to see him in action during his stay in the Emergency Room at Loma Linda Hospital. This video clip shows Devin singing the rap he made up during his MRI. Doctors and nurses came from everywhere to hear him sing his song. He continues to win the hearts of everyone he comes in contact with and is truly an amazing kid...
I forgot to turn off the camera and kept recording for awhile. The conversation is pretty funny if you keep listening..oopps!