June 2016

June 2016


Babies on the way...

You would think I'm the one having a baby with the excitement that is in the air. Momma Chick has been sitting on her eggs for 21 days now. Any day we will have little chicks running around the coop again (21 days beats the heck out of 40 weeks...chickens got it easy!)

P.S. Our "Chicken Farm"... was not very sucessfull in the hatching process and our odds ended up being less than desireable... 0-13 to be exact! We are not quite sure why none of our baby chicks survived but have unanumously decided to give it a break till the weather cools here in the desert.

Keep on swimming...just keep swimming...

As the heat comes to the Desert, the girls welcome being able to jump in the pool for some friendly competition. It's friendly to Natalie ... Savannah on the other hand takes it a little more seriously! Wonder who she gets that from?