June 2016

June 2016


Sunshine in My Soul

I can totally relate to the hymn ...There is sunshine in my soul today! Seems like more than most days and after some thought I have come to the conclusion that my prayers are being answered all around me! The sunshine I feel in my soul is the love my Savior has for me. I have always known without any doubt that I am loved by my Heavenly Father but I have begun to feel his love for me at such a different level lately! It's beautiful...it's peaceful...it's comforting... and most of all humbling to feel it so abundantly. I feel such an overwhelming sense of gratitude when I take a step back and look at my life! Gratitude to my Father in Heaven who looks out for me specifically making sure my needs are met and that I am loved. He is and has always been there for me. The only thing that has changed through the years is my mind set and whether or not I am humble enough to allow His blessings into my life.  As a parent obedience is a familiar word. I am happiest when my children are obedient and doing the things that will benefit them and help them grow. I am also more apt to reward and show my love and appreciation when obedience is a part of their everyday lives and I imagine it must be the same for our Father in Heaven. We are showered with blessings and the peace that comes from doing what's right. If listening, we are able to feel and sometimes hear the direction sent from our Heavenly Father. I am learning to listen with not only my ears, but my heart and then most importantly act! Let the sun shine, let it fill my soul and I pray I never forget what it feels like to feel my Saviors love.


Life's Rewards

Throughout life there are small and simple rewards that come your way that make the not so fun days of parenting worth while. An apology, a hug, a cute text filled with fun emojis, all simple gestures that go such a long way when coming from a teenager! The other day I was so flaming upset with Trevor I really wanted to kick him! I get so tired of trying to get him up in the morning and out the door to seminary/school I was ready to take everything that makes his life comfortable away!!!  As the day went on, my anger faded a bit as well as the intensity of what my wrath on Trevor would be. When he came home that evening, Trevor happened to have a bouquet of tulips and some dark chocolate and a hug for ...me. The heart to heart conversation that followed was truly priceless. 
Last weekend, Gerald and I had the opportunity to visit the New Port Temple with Devin for the first time. There really aren't words to describe what my heart was feeling on March 1st, 2014. The biggest reward from that day was seeing the excitement in Devin's eyes and the eagerness he has had to learn and develop an even stronger relationship with his Heavenly Father. We have had the opportunity to teach, direct, lead, and help Devin develop into this amazing person. Then the time comes that as parents you begin learning and growing side by side with your children and it is an amazing place to be...another huge reward as a parent!