June 2016

June 2016



What is it about change in routine that throws me so off? We moved 2 months ago and there are days that I still feel like I'm walking in circles! Our move has been so seamless and really refreshing actually. The kids and I spent the summer prior to moving de-cluttering, selling furniture on Craig's List and simplifying our lives as much as possible. Moving from a 6,000 sq ft home to a 3,100 sq ft home meant re-evaluating what we really needed to take with us. With the kids help we were very successful in accomplishing this which has made for an easy transition. The girls miss their large room and extra space but are so good about making it "work" and the fact that we now have a pool in the backyard far outweighs all of the compromising with a smaller house. We have been in the pool just about every day since our move in August and not an evening goes by that Trevor and his buddies don't fire up the spa after football practice. There is nothing to miss about cleaning the extra 3,000 sq ft of home we left behind and Gerald seems to be able  to come home and relax with his family which is invaluable! All good signs that we are in the right place at the right time! 

What's next?  Next on the list is helping Trevor decide on the right fit for college next year which will hopefully include playing football and being a "student athlete". Natalie is getting her drivers permit next week and gearing up for another season of high school water polo and it's all I can do to slow down he process of Savannah growing up too fast in middle school. From time to time she still calls me "Momma" which sounds a little juvenile coming out of her mouth but I have to admit... I love hearing it and she can call me Momma as long as she wants! Devin manages to get home on the weekend for Friday night football and as much as he is missing the college life at Cal Poly SLO, he is really enjoy working with Todd in his loan business. He will submit his mission papers in the next couple of months and can hardly wait to receive his call to serve!


Sister Missionaries

 Sister Davis and Sister Whitford came over on their Prep-Day for a little Manicure/Pedicure TLC! It was so much fun pampering these beautiful ladies! 
 Savannah and Sister Whitford were scheming up business ideas which had something to do with spray on shoes...we were all laughing hysterically. She even let Savannah express her creative side and do custom design painting on her toes. They were custom for sure...so fun!
These ladies are so selfless and have sacrificed 18 months of their normal lives to serve The Lord. I am always amazed and the humble nature and obedience the missionaries exemplify and continue to be inspired to be a better missionary myself! The Gospel of Jesus Christ gives my life meaning and direction and it would be selfish to keep the gift that it is in my life a secret!


Feelin' like Fall

Each week ends with the anticipation of a Friday night football game under the lights... It's also a sure sign that Fall is here! LQHS has had a pretty tough pre-season game schedule but were are continuing to improve with a record of 2-2 thus far.