June 2016

June 2016


If you feed them, he will come...

We have our fair share of animals around here.  In fact, we've become a regular "Petting Zoo"!  The newest addition to our farm wanders off and on our property at his leisure. One night at dinner I decided to name him Mr. Jack (any good pet deserve a cleaver name). This enormous jack rabbit has ears that stand straight up and are at least 12" tall. When he stands up he looks just like a baby kangaroo. Mr. Jack arrives at our lawn every evening at dusk just after the sprinklers have finished running their cycle.  He hops from sprinkler to sprinkler in a relaxed fashion and sips from each of the water puddles while resting in between. This cleaver fellow has managed to stay clear of the coyotes...we hope he hops around for many more seasons to come!    


Summer Fun With Couzins

The few trips the kids have been able to take with cousins have saved them from utter board-um this summer!  The girls went to Dockweiler Beach with Sarah, her kiddos and the Davis Family and came home three shades darker than when they left. Great stories were shared about their long and exciting bike rides.
Devin's home away from home would be his Aunt Trina's house and the Beach would take a close second.  How convenient that he gets to do both when he goes to visit!
"Coach", Cody Finley, Trevor Hampton, Andrew Clark
These boys have grown up playing baseball, football,basketball and getting into all kinds of mischief together. They all attend different High Schools but manage to keep in touch and find time for a quick game of tag in the local Walmart (instigated by Gerald of course).    

Summer just wouldn't be summer without some fun at Aunt Trina's house