June 2016

June 2016


Grateful & Thankful

We hosted Thanksgiving again and it was a beautiful day as every Thanksgiving has been since moving to the Desert.  I always feel so overwhelmed with gratitude the whole week of Thanksgiving.  With all the preparation that goes into hosting 40 friends and family for dinner, I find myself reflecting on everything in my life I am thankful for and how each Thanksgiving through the years has its only special memories.  One memory that is the same every year is our "Thankful Circle".  I look forward to holding hands in a large circle while everyone is given a chance to share their thankful thoughts which always ends in prayer.  
Lots of good memories this year...another great football game...Karen Berthelson made table runners that were full of random family pictures (everyone loved searching them over while laughing and reminiscing about fun memories).  Most memorable would have to be the Spa that was constructed the day after Thanksgiving by Devin and Harrison.  The challenge was to build a fully functional spa in 45 min. or less and they were successful...so successful they took it to another level with Gerald's help the next day! The material checklist was as follows and the pictures tell the story best of all!
1. Water trough for cows
2. Camp fire with plenty of wood to keep it stoked
3. !/2 sawed off metal barrel to hold water
4. Pool hose for siphoning hot water 
After more thought this is what was constructed on day 2...
So good to have Devin home...We have missed his crazy hair brained ideas that always seem to work!


Savannah goes undefeated in the Brea Water Polo Tournament last weekend! This firecracker played her little heart out while having tons of fun in the process. I think after many years of being a supportive fan in the stands to all her older brothers events, she's just happy to be the one competing and she could quite possibly be the most competitive out of all! 


LQHS defeats PDHS

Another year of beating our Rival School Palm Desert High!  Way to go Blackhawks!!!
Natalie and Olivia cheer on the Blackhawks!

It was a Happy Halloween

One cute Pirate with just a bit of attitude! The highlight of our Halloween Evening was going to Chipotle in costume for $2 burritos.